Digital Design.

Full-Service Website Design and Development
What is Digital Design?
What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?
Why is it "Full Service"?
Digital Design refers to all online channels you communicate with your customer on, being your website, facebook page, twitter page or google my business page.
Website design refers to the front end experience of a website or page; ie. the user experience, navigation and readability of the website.
At Atrax Designs we want to ensure your website caters to not only your goals, but can pivoted to cater to future business goals easily. We ensure your branding and message is consistent across all platforms and is catered to your audience.

Our Web Design Process.

Website Design and Development can be complex. We make it simple.




Why Atrax Website Design.


  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive Design
  • Best design practices per industry standard
  • Built on Wordpress, the award winning CMS that powers 40% of all websites on the internet


  • Tailor built for every user needs
  • Best of both bespoke and template design
  • Coded for web accessibility standards
  • Metric tracking built in 
  • Coded for organic SEO


  • We offer our website design services to businesses of all sizes, from the solopreneur to an established business.

Whats Expected.

Other Services upsell these, at Atrax its standard.
  • Automatic Wordpress updates
  • Temporary domain name
  • File transfers
  • Around the clock support

*Exisiting Site Owners.

Free Security/Malware protection with our hosting.

Got a Project in Mind?

Forge Together.
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Atrax Designs is a Full Service Website Design Agency. We Offer Website Design, Hosting, Security and Digital Compliance.
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