Security + Compliance Service.

Site security and compliance in one easy package

Security Service.

Site Security.

Protect you and your customers data. Each day, over 350,000 new malicious programs see the light of day. Detecting and removing it is key to keeping your website and its users safe.

Server Security.

A secure website starts with secure hosting. Avoid the trap of "cheap" hosting and protect you and your customers data.

Spam Blocking.

40% of all web traffic are bots, 60% of all bot traffic are malicious. We can filter your traffic to provide real user data.

Compliance Service.


All our sites are set to load cookies after cookie compliance has been granted by the user, per GDPR and CCPA regulations on session cookies.


GDPR, CCPA, ADA and do not sell my info compliance.


We provide and automatically update your terms of service and privacy policy, allowing business owners to not worry about legal compliance of their website.

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